Murder Mystery with “Live Actors”

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Murder Mystery with “Live Actors”

Price £8.25 - £41.25 + VAT

"Live" Murder Mystery

The  best way to think of this event is as a really good piece of interactive theatre. It’s an ideal way of bringing people together to enjoy some fun and we just know from experience that the guests will have a blast from a show using at least 3 live professional actors.

Our Murder Mystery events are carefully written to be fun, inter-active and perfectly suited to any audience. Guests will witness a murder & the format of the show allows guests to interact with each other and work together whilst trying to solve the mystery.  Guests can either get involved or if they prefer sit back, laugh and just enjoy the show. We promise that even the most nervous and retiring of guest will find them selves unable to resist trying to find out who done it.

What happens on the day

Log into the murder via the Zoom link that will be sent to you prior to the day then try and work out the clues and twists that make up great entertainment

Key Information

A Good Broad Band Connection is Required as is a Lap Top, PC or Tablet


Contact us for a per person price based on your expected numbers.

Alternative Shows

There are several different options available please contact us for more details.


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